Hi there. I am glad you could stop by. My name is

Razmik Keshishian. I am an international singer and

keyboard player. For as long as I can remember,

I always loved music a little more passionately than

the people around me. At least this is my impression.

I was always involved in music, either performing,

composing or arranging. Please give me a call and 

let me entertain you, your family and friends.



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Songs by Razmik

4 song's Mix 
Anapati Arev
Garyeh (in Farsi)
Zende gi Ghashang eh  Haydeh
Maa  Helen-Martik
Mahtab (in Armenian & Farsi)                                       
Mahtab  (records in live)guitar Varuj Hambarchyan
Mix Songs
Qaravan (Otaramhi Jampa) Razmik
Razmik's Dance
Slow Dance Razmik

   My Video's


   Hadis Band 1980  


Track 1 Track 8
Track 2 Track 9
Track 3 Track 10
Track 4 Track 11
Track 5 Track 12
Track 6 Track 13
 Track 7

Track 14

    Razmik & Vladimir


       01.Qaravan    02.Sayad Nova    03.Baba karam    04.Bales    05.Ara Vay Vay    06.Russian&Almaste    07.Slow Par   08.Kordi    09.Hayedeh    10.Moldovakan 

           11.Dar in donya   12.Delam shodaz az    13.Surb_Sarkis